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IKI Corporation

Dedicated to Sustainable Development Since 2010

IKI Studio began in 2010 by a group of multinational, enthusiastic urban planners and architects with international certificates and working experience with the vision of making Difference by Design.

IKI’s creations are infused with in-depth Local Understanding and Up-to-Date International Knowledge, embracing Sustainability not only for Nature and Society but also the End-Users in many ways.

We provide Consultancy Services of Design and Project Development to achieve the best of the site and the investor’s resources. The process starts with a thoughtful research-driven SWOT Analysis and the Site’s Language to work out a comprehensive Strategy with all relating parties.

The projects would not only be iconic but own a Unique Characteristic to be distinguished, without sacrificing Cost Efficiency which can be further optimized in the Detail Development Phase.

Beyond being a duty-bound consultant, we are a Value-adding, Reliable Partner on the Project Journey to the same Destination.

We have offices and affiliates in the USA, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines, and we proudly introduce our portfolio herein

Our Clients

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